Tuscan kitchen is back in trend. Many people have lately been opting for this old-school kitchen, either getting one built with fully packed elements such as stone ovens and cast iron tables with many of those earthy brown hue elements or revamping and decorating your kitchen the Mediterranean way. 

Let it be the Tuscan style dim warm lights or the distressed wooden floorings and the brick walls. These Italian styles are no time going to go out of trend and according to me, a Tuscan kitchen is a fully loaded efficient kitchen with great lively looks. If you are looking to achieve the same mentioned below are 14 elements that can help you achieve your Tuscan kitchen look. 

tuscan kitchen

Iron Chandeliers

Every vintage Tuscan kitchen has been seen with a beautiful chandelier, this is to be taken as one of the major elements of an Italian kitchen. These warm lights add a classic element to the kitchen, it is both for decorative and lighting purposes. Getting an iron chandelier should give a rich yet classy look to the kitchen. How many of them are totally up to you and the size of the kitchen you are working with.

Wooden Ceiling

A beautiful iron chandelier and a boring bland ceiling? Not happening. To complete the chandelier look opting for a high wooden ceiling will amplify the whole look of the kitchen.

Brass or Copper Utensils

Brass or copper pots and vessels add a classic touch to this style of kitchen. The earthy colors that are put up with a Tuscan-style kitchen are accentuated with these warm-colored utensils.

Stone Tiles

Tiles are cheaper alternatives to all the other expensive revamping elements. If you want to achieve any particular look, pre-built tiles that suit the theme can add a lot to the look. Similarly, opting for dark stone tiles along with other stone elements like ovens and pillars can easily transform any kitchen’s look into a Tuscan one.

Mini Herb Garden

How can an Italian kitchen be one without having a herb garden around to easily pluck and use? For a more Tuscan look, decorating or organizing a mini herb garden on wooden shelves will add to the look and also for the purpose. 

Wooden Flooring

The easiest way to replicate an age-old kitchen is by adding wide wooden planks or hardwood flooring. Picking some sort of distressed wood, unpolished with multiple shades should add a very vintage look to the space. Wooden flooring goes great with all the wood and stone elements in the kitchen.

Handcrafted Stones or Tiles

If you love adding color and life to your space you can go with colorful hand-painted tiles or stones all over the wall (choose one wall for this and accentuate it). These painted stones or tiles are quite versatile as they can be put up either on an entire wall or can go on smaller backdrops such as the kitchen top or the kitchen dado wall.

Stone or Brick Outlay

If this is a new kitchen and you are envisioning having a Tuscan kitchen, then having stone pillars, stone archways, stone, and everything are so Tuscan. 

Wooden Family Table

Tuscan kitchens are large kitchens built to serve large crowds, by this, we can understand that Italian families were big families with larger dining space to serve, to keep the kitchen vibe authentic to the theme you can opt for a big dining table or a kitchen table and pair it with other Tuscan elements such as cast iron and stone.

Vintage Italian Jars

As small elements as jars can help you bring flavor to your kitchen. No kitchen is without storage space, especially without jars and containers. The kind you opt for can either make or break the look of your kitchen. When aiming for a Tuscan-style kitchen sticking to vintage Italian-style jars is wise.

Stone Oven

How can we talk of Italy and not mention pizza, after all, Italy is the house of pizza. If you are wondering if every Italian kitchen has a pizza oven, then let me tell you every Mediterranean Tuscan kitchen does. If you have the space and budget then installing a stone oven in your kitchen space would amp up the feel of your kitchen. Pizza lovers should go for it. 

Vintage Appliances

Tuscan style is all about vintage and earthy looks as if the kitchen was set up in an age-old era. To add elements to this style of kitchen you can put up vintage kitchen appliances, stone scales, and a coffee hand grinder. You can easily source them from any vintage store or a local flea market.

Visible Pots and Pans

One thing you find common in almost all Tuscan kitchens is a lot of pots and pans being hung around to our visible sight. This kind of layout not only adds a hint to the Tuscan style we are aiming for but also makes it easy to access these pots and pans to use. Although in a Tuscan kitchen layout there is a lot of storage space available, just in case you want to skip this.

Kitchen Mat

If major changes are not what you are looking for and are on a budget then mat revamps should be for you. The Mediterranean is all about olives and grapes, incorporating designs of olives and grapes into your mats, carpets, hand towels, and mitts can add a hint of Tuscan to your kitchen.

 Let it be a revamp to your old kitchen or your new set up and let it be Tuscan kitchen detailings or Tuscan country kitchens or simply Tuscan kitchen layout or a hint of Tuscan canvas or metal in wood feel Tuscan kitchen, everything, and anything can be achieved from implementing any of these 14 decor ideas. It is time to get the Mediterranean coastline home with this Tuscan-style kitchen set up at your happy place.

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