For all those who want to know OBJ meaning, let me tell you, OBJ is an abbreviation for object files. According to Digital Engineering OBJ is a kind of geometry that is used to make extensions in 3D file generation programs. When it was first created, wavefront technologies were the pioneer developments of this common, open file format. 

Our today’s article is going to be a detailed review of OBJ meaning. OBJ meaning an object replacement character is commonly used in animation software. Many graphics software were also comprehended.OBJ is an array of 3D image editing software systems which can be exported and 3D image file type is formed. The object file is usually transportable. 

Object files constitute two kinds of codes assembler and compiler. What an assembler does is help transition the assemble code to a binary code and the same does the compiler fo, convert source code to a binary code. This may also include metadata used for linking and debugging. 

Many early computers and small microcomputers hold up to the absolute object file. Programs were not relocatable and they needed to be assembled or compiled to be executed at a specific predefined address. The design and the choice of an object file is the key part in the overall system.

OBJ meaning can be further explained in detail by three category heads. 

Object files types:

  • A file that can be moved from one location to another contains data and codes section-wise, this type is called the relocatable type.
  • A file that has a program ready to accomplish is called the executive type.
  • A shared object file acts as a link between the link editor and the runtime linker.

Object files are widely used to link and execute programs. With the help of an object file, you can keep a tab of different activities at once with its unique parallel view feature.

The executive type and the linking type are found at the start of the file and help in compiling the files for further use. This executive and linking format has a fixed position. The flexibility of the executive and linking format needs no specific order for header tables, sections, and segments.

Data representation:

The object file represents some controlled data with the machine-independent format. This identifies.

NameSize Alignment purpose
Elf32_Addr44Unsigned program address
Elf32_Half22Unsigned medium integer
Elf32_Word44Unsigned integer
Elf32_Off44Unsigned file offset

ELF (executive and linking formats) uses no-bit fields for portability reasons.

Object file functions:

  • All the binary information is texted by object file.
  • Relocation information identifies instructions and data that depend on the absolute address.
  • Debugging information.
  • This is used to figure out the positioning and the sizes of other elements in a given file.
  • Features of object file:

    It is generally characterized as a representation that sustains reference to an external object over time and stores and updates information concerning the properties of the object.

    These kinds of files are fully executable. Object files support geometrical forms of texts.

    Object file advantages:

    As the object file is ready to run, they are not required to be compiled unless the source file has not changed. This can be a time savior. The source file does not need to be recompiled every time the file is first opened in a session if the object file is more recent than the source file.

    You can allocate object files without having to distribute the source equivalent. Hence, if you have to build some tests and include files that you want to administer but do not want others to see the source, you can distribute the object files.

    Disadvantages of object file:

    The file formats are not space sufficient. In cases of larger numbers, the object file writes the data in human language rather than using binary language like its other counterparts. These numbers forming the three-dimensional part of the data. To write and to read the file, the transformation between the human-readable numbers and computer-readable raw bytes the processor requires time

    These human language files limit the speed of processing as the size keeps increasing, which is not the case if the same text is written out in binary language.

    Significance of object file:

    It is a compilation phase that is mostly machine code but has no information that allows a linker to work. These are compiler-specific. The object file is platform-independent.

    In terms of storage, the data is broken into discrete units named objects and is kept in a single storage, instead of being kept as files in folders and as blocks on servers. It has a variety of use cases that require that data stores scale up to petabytes and beyond, all while remaining at a high level of availability and performance. The below-mentioned software can be used to work with these kinds of files.

    • Adobe Photoshop CC 2019
    • MAXON Cinema 4D
    • Autodesk 3ds Max 2020
    • IMSI TurboCAD Pro
    • Autodesk AutoCAD (requires import plugin)
    • Daz 3D Daz Studio 4
    • Autodesk Fusion 360
    • Dassault Systemes SolidWorks (requires import plugin)
    • Autodesk Maya 2020
    • CADSoftTools ABViewer
    • Blender

    When to Use OBJ Files:

    • If you have a large set of databases then you can opt for an OBJ file.
    • In case you are finding it difficult to convert two files amongst each other then OBJ should be your bet as it is designed to act as a bridge between two files.
    • These files are also compatible with 3D and CAD, making data transfer easy between these two platforms and to and from these platforms to multiple others.


    OBJ file format is one of the dispensable aspects in terms of animations and graphical designs. When working with many C language files, to link one file to another you will have to convert all the existing files into object files. This contains header information, object code, relocation, symbols, and debugging information.

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