Protecting your creative work is a quintessential ideal to having full ownership of your work. Currently, fraudsters are using other people’s work to earn a living. With the increasing number of netizens worldwide, no one cares about copyright laws, which are enacted to protect artists, writers, and authors’ work. 

How to avoid copyright infringement

However, the U.S copyright ACT of 1970 was established to safeguard creative works from unauthenticated use or violation of copyright laws. Nonetheless, federal law, on the other hand, forbids an individual from copying, modifying, displaying, publishing, transmitting, or otherwise utilizing the original content of others for monetary gains. Despite all this, people are still infringing the laws intentionally. 

How do you avoid copyright infringement? This is one of the million-dollar questions perturbing internet users. At the same time, there is a stereotype hovering that creative works which are published on the web are not under copyright laws. Thus, individuals and even big companies attempt to use some of the published work online for their casual benefits. 

As much as creative works have inundated the internet doesn’t necessarily imply they are free to share, copy or adapt for your use. You must treat any work found on the internet, which doesn’t belong to you in a pristine manner because they are all subjected to copyright laws to avoid law infringement. 

That said; copyright infringement refers to the use of someone’s copyrighted work or original work without asking for their approval. Works that are under copyright laws include films, sound recordings, music, poems, sketches and painting, drawings, software, and photographs among others. Such works should be used for your benefit upon the owner’s permission. 

If you are puzzling about how to avoid copyright infringement this year, then you are fortunate to meet this post. In this article, we’ve done explicit research from different social media platforms, FAQ groups, Quora, and Reddit just to shed light on some of the problems associated with copyright infringements

Here are the best ways how to avoid copyright infringement easily;

Ask Permission Before Using Someone’s Works

This is the top-notch decision you can ever make to avoid copyright infringement. Every work that you might find either on the internet or other sources might be copyrighted especially if it is not your work. 

However, in writing, you can partake in writing an article or blog but at the end of the tunnel, if found using that work you’ll be infringing the laws that protect that work. Ideally, the client can protect his work and indicate his name in the legal agreement you’d have made. 

Therefore, you can’t ignore the rights since you wrote the articles, rather you’ll have to find the author responsible for the work especially when his name is indicated in the article. 

Keep in mind the Work is always copyrighted

If it is not your work, then always presume the work is copyrighted. 

Having such a notion in your mind will help you distance yourself from all manners of copyright infringements. As the web is overwhelmed with all manners of data, it might be tempting to try disfiguring what is written to suit your appetite. 

In one way or another, you might be a step ahead in violating the set policies. You can read the work and craft your piece as per the main theme to avoid infringements. 

Familiarize yourself with Copyright Laws 

How can you avoid copyright infringements if you lack the awareness of what the law embodies? 

Knowing the laws will help you avoid copyright infringements. Some confuse these laws with licenses, trademarks, and patents among others. These are Intellectual property protection (IP). However, copyright laws are the simplest to understand and easy to infringe them. 

Acquaint yourself with the U.S. Copyright Act of 1970 to be on safer ground. By doing this, you’ll never have to file a case in court because of copyright infringement or because someone using your original work deliberately. 

Perhaps the easiest way to stop copyright infringement is to deliberately send the copyright infringement notice to the accused or the third party in store for your original work. Sending the infringer a copyright infringement notice alerts them of their misconduct with someone’s one. 

Usually, it resembles a letter with the subject matter, the infringer’s name, and a stunning action if the conduct isn’t stopped. 

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