How Much Do Electricians Make In California

Do you have any idea about how much electricians make in California in a year? You must be thinking this is a joke or something but trust me, there is a 50% chance that they earn more than you in a year. We will talk about some factors and possibilities of how common people can earn 6 figures annually. The electricians or rather the Union electricians in California are doing good when it comes to earning 6 figures salary per ear. 

You might be the one who doesn’t care about the figures but just wants to keep earning money as long as you live. Yes, this courage is very much appreciated because that is what you need to become successful in life. It’s hard work and wise decisions that lead you to the height of success. 

You might come across many children in California who have got parental support and can afford properties, graduate school tuition, and new cars. But at the same time, there exists just the opposite scenario in some cases and who do they do? They become hard-working and tactful to earn money in terms of living a successful and peaceful life ahead. 

In this modern world tremendous work ethics, risk-taking, and aggressive savings are no more the only gateway to achieving success and becoming rich. We might judge the post of the electricians but the income anecdote I am going to share now might change some of my reader’s perspectives and help them to see the world in a new way and that’s my only intention. 

Electricians making big bucks is a part of how much electricians make in California

I’ve recently come across an electrician who visited my house for some repairing and kinds of stuff. While he was having a coffee break, we got into talking. I didn’t realize before 2 hours that we had been talking to each other for so long. It was basically him telling me his life story and how he had come this far and how much he earns annually. Initially, I was a little shocked but realized later that the preconceived notions about being rich are not working anymore in this modern era. So I thought I should thank that person to have opened such a big window of life and perspective in front of me. Now let me share with my readers the story.

How Much Do Electricians Make In California

The guy I am talking about is 40 years old Latin American fellow and 6 feet tall. He said he was good at playing tennis when he was younger but since he had to make life decisions, he could no longer continue with the sport. Nevertheless, we had quite a good game after he got done with his work. He visited my house to change my outside electrical panel. He took an hourly rate of $40. He came to my house in the afternoon and told me that the Union has modified his working hours so the current working hours would be 7:30 am to 2:30 am Monday to Friday which means 5 days a week. 

So I was quite curious and finally asked him about his total annual income and the answers shocked me how much electricians make in California.

If you ask how much do electricians make in California? They’ll answer in 6 figures

I asked him about his annual income and the reply blew my mind. You now may ask why? Because he answered that he earns $150000 a year working 35 hours a week. Don’t you think it’s quite interesting? I was hooked for the next 2 hours talking to him. I further asked him about how he spends his free or leisure time. He answers “I’m right now working for you and have any more like you waiting for me. So I get around $200000 annually”. 

How Much Do Electricians Make In California

This made me happy. This is the ideal income one can ever long for. At least people like me would be blown away to earn so much money by only investing 35 hours a week. When the guy went back from my house, I gave it a thought and could not regret more to have gone to college. Because now I earn $5000 a month that doesn’t make that much money at the end of the year. 

This one afternoon has changed my entire perspective on being successful and happy in life. The age-old notions are not the end of the world, there are a lot more than that. It is an earnest request to my readers that do not to be inferior and judge any work. It’s not only the doctors and engineers who make a lot of money. Not everybody has to become a doctor or a scientist. Even electricians can make more than doctors annually. 

I hope my readers found this article helpful. Stay tuned with us for more interesting information. 

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