Hong Kong is one of the leading financial markets in the world, which makes it a favorable place for investors and traders who want to invest in the stock market.

For those looking to try their hands in Hong Kong’s stock market, you first need to open an investment account with a reputable broker. Interestingly, MoneySmart has partnered with some of the best trading platforms in Hong Kong to help investors get exclusive offers whenever they successfully open an account via MoneySmart. But how do you choose the best online brokerage?

Well, when it comes to choosing an online brokerage firm, there are a few things beginner investors need to consider and compare before making a decision. Among many other things, traders need to compare how brokerages charge their services and choose a low-cost platform that best aligns with their investment goals.

The best trading platform in Hong Kong is also licensed and registered by the Securities and Futures Commission.

If you have decided to invest in the stock market, here are some of the best online brokerages in Hong Kong that beginners can consider.

1. WeBull Securities

WeBull is one of the top trading platforms you can open an investment account with. The platform is registered with and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and other financial bodies, so prospects can open accounts with no worries.

One of the most exciting features of this platform is zero commissions on online stock and EFTs trades. There is also no minimum deposit required for brokerage accounts, meaning you can open an account and start trading with small amounts.

Interestingly, when you successfully open an account through MoneySmart, you will be eligible for NASDAQ: AMD shares worth around HK$1,200. You may also get a supermarket voucher worth up to HK$500 for rollover to Longbridge.

2. Futu Securities

Futu Securities is a trustworthy broker and one of the best trading platforms promising speedy online account opening.

Besides, when you successfully create a Futu securities account via MoneySmart, you will get to enjoy a free AAPL share worth HK$1,300, coupons valued at HK$200, and a supermarket voucher worth HK$100. Further, transferring a designated amount of shares to your account can make you a candidate for a HK$15,000 gift.

With a Futu securities account, there is no minimum deposit, plus you will enjoy a lifetime Hong Kong stocks commission fee waiver.

3. Kikitrade

Kikitrade is yet another great trading platform in Hong Kong that aims to provide a user-friendly and secure cryptocurrency investment experience to investors. The platform is reliable with simple and professional interactives to meet every investor’s needs.

When you successfully open a Kikitrade trading account and make a deposit of 1,300 USDT via MoneySmart using MoneySmart’s referral code, you will be rewarded 40 USDT.

4. Longbridge

Longbridge is one of the best trading platforms in Hong Kong, featuring reputable investors like Philip Capital. This brokerage entered Hong Kong’s market in 2021 and is committed to delivering a safer and more efficient investment experience to its consumers.

With Longbridge, you are assured of reliable and trustworthy brokerage services, a wide range of financial products, stellar customer support, and competitive trading fees.

First-time investors who successfully open an investment account via MoneySmart may get one share of NASDAQ: AMD valued at HK$1,200 and commission waivers for various stocks.

5. unsmart Securities

uSMART is arguably the cheapest and best trading platform in Hong Kong for new and professional traders and investors. This is mainly because the platform offers a lifetime commission fee waiver for US stock trading and a commission fee waiver for the first 90 days on Hong Kong stocks.

uSMART also has some of the best offers for new users that you can tap on when creating an account.

 Even better, investors can trade with small amounts as no minimum deposit is required.


With a multitude of options, choosing the best trading platform in Hong Kong can present a significant challenge to beginners and seasoned traders alike. The best online brokerage firm for you will immensely depend on your investing goals, among other factors. While these online brokerages are registered and licensed, beginners may need to use a free demo account to see which platform best suits their investment goals.

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