Adoption is a really tough choice to make! A couple that chooses to adopt a baby realizes that it must create an environment for the baby where he/she is treated with care and affection, giving the baby a life full of love and support. It’s a challenging decision to make and comes from a place of affection.

There are many stages of adoption. However, any family that chooses to adopt promises to stay dedicated to the baby. Adoption is a remarkable thing! However, many couples are thrown off by the cost of adoption. Why does something so amazing have to cost so much? In this article, we will explain why adoption is so expensive and the cost of adoption.

Why is Adoption so Expensive

Why is Adoption so Expensive?

It’s a logical question! However, a better understanding of why adoption costs this much will make it obvious. The process of adoption takes a while and is complicated. Often, it requires legal assistance and the help of specialists to complete an adoption. However, understanding what goes on during the process of adoption will clear things out.

The reason that infant or international adoption is so expensive is that the expenses are not compensated for by tax-payers. Unlike foster care, the expenses of adoption are estimated to cost around $100,000 per case. Additionally, some other things also equate to this expensive cost.

The agency that you adopt from actually includes the costs of its staff members and other overhead expenses in the total cost. This means that the cost of transportation and accommodation, legal fees, medical expenses, and the adoption agency’s fees are included in the total cost.

In the case of international adoption, you may also have to pay the foreign country’s fees, such as taxes or any other expenses incurred in that country. Often, adoption agencies require two or three trips to the country as well, which adds to the total cost. The “foreign country’s fees” may include the cost of the orphanage that the baby is currently residing in and the costs of the children that are left behind. This makes up the largest portion of the total cost of international adoption, up to $20,000.


While adoption is an expensive process, it’s worth the costs and struggle for many families. Since international adoptions can cost up to $100,000 and domestic adoptions can cost up to $50,000, it’s a commitment from the family willing to spend so much for a baby they’ll love and support all through their lives.

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