Sometimes as a business owner, you will need the help of outside experts. This can be for a variety of reasons ranging from a need for financial management to web content, but finding the right person isn’t always easy.

While there are many freelancers out there, finding the ideal person can take time. To help you, here are 3 ways to find industry expert freelancers.

Freelance websites

One of the first ways that you can find freelance experts is through one of the many freelance websites. These sites are where people can advertise the job they want to be done, and freelancers can bid to take on the job.

If you decide to look through these sites or place a job to be done, you need to ensure you ask questions and request samples of the freelancer’s work before hiring them. Unfortunately, some people on these sites are not always what they seem to be and may not have the required know-how or experience to help you.

Alternatively, there are freelance websites that deal specifically with certain sectors such as Creative Commission, which is a well-known portal for freelancers serving the music industry. These sites work closely with the freelancer and the company to find the best match.

Freelance communities

Social media has a great way to pull people from similar backgrounds and interests together. Places such as Facebook groups can be ideal for finding a freelance expert in the field you need.

These groups often have rules that help to keep the group safe and allow you to find the right person. You can ask to join one of these groups and post a message asking for help with your project. You will likely get a positive response that you can then slim down until you find the ideal candidate.

Keep in mind that there may be groups for freelancers that cover the job you need to do such as writing or web design. Make sure that when you are searching for groups, you try to do a varied search.

Friends and colleagues

Sometimes there may be a person that can help you within your group and you don’t know it. When looking for a freelancer in a particular area, ask your colleagues if they have used freelancers for their company, or speak to your friends.

Word-of-mouth recommendations, especially from those you trust, will go a long way to ensuring you get the right person. Of course, you will still want to see their work and chat with them before you hire them, but it will take a lot of guesswork out of the situation.

This can also include your wider network of company owners and friends as you will then have a wider pool of people to ask and find what you need.


Finding the right freelancer for your needs can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. With these three examples, you can begin your search for a suitable freelancer that can solve your problem and also be trustworthy and reliable. You can then be in a position to recommend them to others.

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