Some business credit cards have an easier approval process and come with cost-effective deals. These credit cards also help in starting up your business credit. The general credit card providers and issuers will ask for your credit to check if you are eligible to avail of the credit card and go for new businesses. You have options like charge cards, credit cards, and personal credit cards. 

In this article, we will discuss some of those credit cards which are immensely helpful to start a business and have no such credit techniques. 

Startup Business Credit Cards with no Credit

What are startup business credit cards with no credit techniques?

  1. American Express Blue Business Cash
  2. Brex Card
  3. Chase Ink Business Unlimited
  4. Capital One
  5. Wells Fargo Business Secured Card
  6. American Express Blue Business

American Express Blue Business Cash is one of the startup business credit cards with no credit

If you make eligible purchases, you’ll be offered with 2% instant cash bank from this credit card. You can make purchases up to $50000 per calendar year. After the calendar year, you’ll get 1% cashback. All the earned cashback will be automatically reflected in your account statement. Since the card has no annual fee, it is pretty much cost-effective. The users also get interest-free purchases for the 1st 12 months. 

There are chances to earn a $250 statement credit card as a bonus after spending $3000 in the first three months. This company also features buying power by enabling you to spend above the credit limit you are offered with, startup business credit cards with no credit. However, this depends upon your regular payment behavior and statement history. 

Startup Business Credit Cards with no Credit

Brex card is one of the startup business credit cards with no credit

The businesses catering to the eCommerce and tech lifestyle industries have the best option to use a Brex credit card. It has good premium rewards for software subscriptions, lab supplies, and conference tickets. This card can be used as both a debit card and a credit card. This comes in two categories which are Paid daily and Paid Monthly. If you use the first one it will work like a debit card and will be paid from the Brex cash account. If you use the other one, it works like a charge card and you have to pay the full statement at the end of the month. 

Chase Ink Business Unlimited is one of the startup business credit cards with no credit techniques

This is one of the best credit cards with no credit techniques and comes to the top of the list. It has fixed-rate cash back of 1.5% on all purchases and has no category. People who are new to business can take the advantage of interest-free financing for the 1st one year of membership. You’ll get a signup bonus of $750 and have no annual fee. You’ll also be offered tons of gift cards, cashback offers, travel and merchandise, and so on. 

Startup Business Credit Cards with no Credit

Capital One Credit Card

This credit card also has no annual fee for business owners with fair credit history and payment behavior. There is a fixed 1% cash-back policy on all purchases irrespective of categories. This is why Capital One is considered among the best business credit cards. 

If you can use a Capital One credit card responsibly it will help in your business growth. It has a constant check and track of your credit history and statement. If you can raise your credit score you’ll be allowed to avail of a wider range of credit cards. 

Wells Fargo Business Secured card

This is a secured business credit card with no annual fee and offers tons of rewards and point-based cash-backs. You can earn points on every spent dollar. You can also get 1.5% cash back from certain transactions. 

American Express Blue Business is one of the startup business credit cards with no credit techniques

It is similar to the American Express Blue Business cash but offers point-based rewards and not cash back. This is more flexible with the type of rewards it offers. If your new business requires travel, this is the best credit card for you. You are allowed to earn up to 2x membership reward points on your first spending of $50000 during the calendar year.  People who are planning to make a significant purchase can use this credit card. 

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