Sodapoppin was born on Feb 15, 1994, he is a popular Twitch streamer, and his real name is Thomas Jefferson Chance Morris IV. His Sodapoppin net worth is estimated to be $8 million. Since he became an internet personality, Sodapoppin is now formidable. He is an American internet personality who streams exceptional videos on Twitch and YouTube channels. 

On Twitch, Sodapoppin has over 200 million views and more than 3 million followers, while he has over 1 million subscribers and over 330 million views on YouTube. He posts content on his YouTube channel several times a week. At first, he used to play World of Warcraft mostly. He also streams games like IRL, Overwatch, Dead by Daylight, The joy of sex, Slay the fire, and God of War. 

Morris switched from Xfire to Twitch back in 2012. His following grew to be among the top 20 most followed streamers. He is also a co-owner of the Canadian eSports organization, Northern Gam. In this article, we have mentioned Sodapoppin’s net worth and How Much Money He Makes On Twitch & YouTube?

Sodapoppin Net worth on Twitch

How Much Money Does Sodapoppin Earn on Twitch and YouTube?

Morris’ YouTube channel can get an average of 150,000 views from different sources daily. From YouTube, he generates about $600 a day ($220,000 annually). The revenue accrues from the ads that run on his channel.

YouTubers receive between $2 – $5 for every 1000 views on monetized channels before YouTube takes its share. On a channel, monetized views are between 40% – 60% of the total views. 

The views are influenced by several factors, such as the location of the viewer, ad inventory, the number of ads on a video, the number of people who skip the ads, and ad engagement. Ads’ views are based on an auction between advertisers’ views, and they bid at a minimum of $0.01 per view.

Deep-pocketed companies can target ads on Google Preferred for the top 5% of most popular content, although the rates are higher than usual. Besides the money earned from ads, YouTubers also benefit from YouTube Red viewers: They pay a monthly fee to view premium content on YouTube plus without ads. On YouTube, plus videos are paid depending on their watch time – The longer viewers watch their videos means they earn.

Twitch is the number one earner for Sodapoppin. He makes money through ad revenue, paying subscribers Twitch bits and donations. He has over 2.8 million followers, with 350 million accumulated views. With an average of 26,000 views per stream, he has accumulated about 17,000 subscribers, which earns him at least $2.50 per month per subscriber. In a month, this amount rounds up to $37,500 a month, $450,000 annually.

Sodapoppin’s Early Days as an Internet Personality

Although Sodapoppin is thriving today, it did not just happen. It has taken hard work and consistency to become one of the top internet earners as the road was rocky with many setbacks. In life, you cannot be dear to everyone. Many don’t appreciate his tricks, but he keeps going for those who appreciate him.

One unique thing about Sodapoppin is that his personality stands out in a crowd of streamers. He is quite unpredictable, and he never plays Mr. Cool guy, chill, or aggressive. He is a bit of everything on the screen.

Sodapoppin is not a professional player, nor an e-sport person. However, his personality has enabled him to connect correctly with his audience during his gaming activities or while vlogging. This has distinguished him from the crowd of other streamers on Twitch.

Let us take a look at the events that led to the popularity of Sodapoppin on the internet and how he became the famous internet personality that he is today.

Controversies surrounding Sodapoppin

Controversies surrounding Sodapoppin

Sodapoppin has been banned from Twitch several because of posting controversial content. On Twitch, Morris is seen as a rebellious individual who hardly follows the rules. Before 2914, streamers posted unfiltered content that is considered offensive. 

However, everything changed when Amazon assumed ownership of the website. It became mandatory for Streamers to filter their content to ensure there was nothing offensive or hate speech. Individuals who had Sodapoppin’s character struggled to conform to the new rules. As a result, some of them were wholly banned after streaming anything hurtful or offending to anyone.

Over the years, Sodapoppin has had no choice but to adjust to the new requirements of Twitch. He has curbed excessive unfiltered content, but some of it remains gritty. Sometime back, he got banned from World of Warcraft. 

He had no other way out than to contact Blizzard customer support for his account to be restored. Once his account was reactivated, he was again banned in April 2018. Luckily for him, the ban was lifted the following day, and he was able to continue streaming.

Sodapoppin’s Relationship with his Fans

Most people seem to have negative opinions about Sodapoppin, but he still commands enormous respect on Twitch. Confirm this by checking out his subscribers, followers, and viewers. If he were that much of a bad person, all those people would not support him. 

One of the reasons he has managed to stay at the top of this platform is his ability to interact well with his viewers. Although he may be perceived as someone who rarely respects the rule of law, he never talks at his viewers or talks over them, but he gives them the freedom to contribute and chat. Also, he has a comment section where they discuss the topics they wish to cover in the future.


Sodapoppin is beyond your usual YouTuber or live streamer, an all-around performer. His focus is not on a single game or talk but on multiple games. He interacts with life from all aspects, and he leaves room for his followers to determine what they want. 

His viewers love him beyond his skills, professionalism, and gaming, but his personality and attitude take it all. Sodapoppin has stopped playing World of Warcraft, but it has not changed his fanbase. His popularity is still laudable. We hope persons seeking information about Sodapoppin net worth and How Much Money He Makes On Twitch & YouTube have been fulfilled and if anyone had any queries or suggestions. Let me know in the comment section below.

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