At Chase, bank workers have been provided with an employee portal to check their schedules and access stock plan accounts quickly. The platform is known as my rewards at work, and one must log in from to utilize the service. JP Morgan and Co-develop it.

My Rewards at Work

Benefits of my rewards at work

JP Morgan and Co. develop it, and it is convenient, but it also helps in the following.

  • Management of information regarding work, personal life, and payroll is done efficiently online. 
  • Any files of interest are accessible on the web instead of physically going to the registrar.
  • Easily access to their stock plan accounts.
  • From their accounts, they access work schedules.

Login to

Signing into your account might seem challenging, but it’s quite the opposite. Provide your account details to have full access to all features on the platform. However, before you log in to enjoy these outstanding features, here are a few things you should have in mind.

  1. First, you must open an account on the official website before logging in, and you don’t have to provide so much information on the portal. If You have not yet signed up, you must visit the official website and create your account.
  2. Your national I.D. is required, as some personal information, then you submit them for registration. These are the exact details you will use to access my rewards online.
  3. Make sure that your internet connection is stable for a smooth process. Poor internet connections can slow the process or make it impossible. In addition, make sure you are signing in from a personal device to keep your password and username private and secure. However, if you are using a shared device, make sure you log out once you are done to avoid unauthorized access to your account.

The Log In the procedure

  1. Open your browser and type on the search bar, then hit the Enter Key.
  2. The online platform created by JP Morgan chase will display.
  3. You will see two dialog spaces; one for your I.D. and the other for your password.
  4. Type both details as you did during registration.
  5. Be keen to recall if you used Caps or not to avoid the inconvenience of being locked out of your account.
  6. Once done, hit the Login tab below the dialog.
  7. Your “my rewards at work” account will open.
  8. Your work schedule at chase, personal files, and stock plan will now be displayed before you.

Pro-t-Tip You can only log in once as the platform is supported by Single Sign On (SSO), and you should do so before the session timeout. Always keep your I.D. and Password safe to avoid inconveniences.

Steps to Recover Forgotten Password

  1. If your password is misplaced, don’t fret, as you can easily reset it on the same portal.
  2. Find a link next to the blank password block;  “Reset/Forgot Password”, and click on it.
  3. Fill in the spaces as provided; Your ID, specify the device and number in that order. 
  4. Tap continue for more on-screen directives.
  5. Follow the instructions, provide a new password then proceed to login into your account.

Careers Offered at JP Morgan Chase

The young generation has many career options at Chase, including student programs targeting young minds. If you are interested, go to the official website and drop an application on any open jobs in the categories below.

  • Business System Analyst 
  • Merchant 
  • Production Support Researcher
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Auto Collector
  • Loss Mitigation manager

Chase Customer Service

On working days(Mon – Fri), customers can call for assistance at 1-877-576-2427, from 8 am to 7 pm EST. The service might not be available on some public holidays, but you can browse their official website to answer further questions. 

Workers outside the U.S. can use this number to call 1-816-931-8177 or send an email to Those with hearing impairment have not been left out as they can use this TDD number 1-800-719-9980.

Be vigilant when seeking information about J.P. Morgan as they do not accept liability from fraudsters. Moreover, they are not connected to any third-party representatives or associates who charge unsuspecting customers.

If you are looking for a credit card, choose wisely. Remember you have to be of legal age, at least 18 years and above. Also, you must be living in the U.S. legally or as a resident.

When choosing a credit card, take time to learn more about them. For instance, Indigo cards are designed for people with bad credit ratings, but those with good credit scores can use Capital One or Wells Fargo cards.

Employee Benefits at JPMorgan Chase

Employee benefits are a kicker for any entrepreneur because they make workers feel valued. At JP Morgan, they are rewarded with money in boat form and the following cost-effective services.

  • Reliable Health and dental insurance covers.
  • Flexible expense account.
  • Health savings account
  • Eyesight insurance for those with eye issues.
  • Standard and supplementary life insurance
  • Health insurance cover accidents that happen while at work.


JP Morgan Chase has put their employees first by introducing “my rewards at work” for all employees. It is a portal that allows workers to create accounts, access work schedules, and stock plan information privately online. Find these services on their official website to register, but they can access the accounts anywhere online.

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