In March 2016, JetBlue, in partnership with MasterCard and Barclays, introduced their new co-branded credit cards, which were released alongside the JetBlue Plus Card. The JetBlue Card was introduced almost 18 months before any other major United States airline credit card without any annual fee.

If you’re someone that flies with JetBlue Airlines often, it is the ideal credit card for you. However, before you can use your Barclays JetBlue MasterCard, you’ll have to activate it at In this article, we will explain how you can activate your Barclays JetBlue MasterCard and mention some other details about the credit card.
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How to activate your Barclays Jetblue Mastercard (

It is required that cardholders activate their Barclays JetBlue MasterCard before making any purchases. For the activation of your Barclays JetBlue MasterCard, all you have to do is call (877) 408-8866. Once you are connected to a representative, you will be requested to provide your date of birth, the last 4 digits of your credit card number, and your Social Security Number. Once your credit card is activated, you’ll have the choice of setting up a PIN for your Barclays JetBlue MasterCard or just having the current PIN mailed over to you.

You can also activate your Barclays JetBlue MasterCard by going over to their website, You’ll be prompted to provide all the required details, such as your date of birth, and the last 4 digits of your credit card number and Social Security Number, for verification purposes. Once you’ve provided these details, click on “Activate” and your credit card will be activated.


Overall, the Barclays JetBlue MasterCard is exceptional for people that use JetBlue Airlines often. It’s an advantageous credit card, and there are many benefits, such as unlimited frequent flyer miles that never expire and no blackout dates with JetBlue Airline flights. It is one of the few airline credit cards in the United States with no annual fee.

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