Since NYC is the center of fashion, finance, art, journalism, and other fields, landing an internship here can help you stand out. But, finding a room to rent, especially for a short-term stay, may be difficult.

One of the most common reasons people come to NYC is to seek employment. Many youngsters start their careers here, hoping to land internship opportunities that would help them get valuable experience in the industry. You will need to find short-term lodgings in New York City once you’ve got your ideal internship. You will compete with dozens of other students for similar housing, and short-term leases are usually scarce. But sharedeasy. club offers amazing options for affordable intern housing in NYC.

There are many student-friendly places, but not all of them are affordable. The housing situation in this city is unlike any other, making it significantly more confusing and expensive. Before choosing an apartment, read the documentation carefully and make sure you understand the financial requirements. In this article, we have put together everything you will need to guide you on your internship journey regarding housing.

What to Know About Housing as an Intern in New York City

Lookout for Affordable Neighborhoods for Intern in New York

You will need to create a balance between your work and social lives when you relocate to New York. It is nice to be close to your workplace, but it is unnecessary. You will get used to the numerous metro lines and streets as you commute to work. Three beautiful locations in NYC where you can find decent short-term student housing are Harlem, Washington Heights, and Hamilton Heights. You can also consider migrating to one of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn, like Williamsburg.

You Can Use Someone’s Lease

People move around in New York City even before their leases are up. This could be an opportunity for you if you only need somewhere to stay for a few months. All five boroughs have online listings, and you can find both free and paid listings.

There are rooms in apartments, sublets, furnished quarters, and whole apartments to choose from. You can look for properties based on the length of your stay and when you wish to move in and out.

University Apartments Are Not Left Out

The good thing with NYC is how easy it is to get around, so living farther out will save you cash while still letting you go around quickly. Starting your search at neighboring schools and institutions, which sometimes have rooms for rent within their dorms, is a great place to start.

Many institutions, like NYU, provide apartment and dorm-style rooms starting at about $380 per week, providing you with every opportunity you need if you are only staying for the summer. It is also good that you must not be an NYU student to take advantage of these discounts. You’ll have a Resident Advisor and public safety to check up on you, a kitchen or meal plan so that you are not forced to rely on Food Ordering Services, and also, a group of other students and interns to keep you company.

You will appreciate the freedom and new opportunities that come with being an intern in New York, and your folks won’t be phoning you as often to check on you.

Short-term Rental Companies

Although it may be expensive to employ the service of a short-term rental company, it is worth it as you won’t stress over being evicted. This is an option you can try if the others don’t work out.

You Can Try Co-living

Co-living is a fully-equipped, high-end dorm alternative. These shared flats are usually furnished and come with housekeeping and utility services included. You are paired with housemates, so you don’t have to look for them on your own. They’re ideal for interns as they don’t have tight income constraints or need guarantors like traditional landlords. They also hold many events and activities that could help improve your social life. However, there is a cost to living here.

There are various co-living companies in New York City, each attempting to service a different market.

Avoid Subletting Scams

You may need a room to rent for three months as most internships last either one semester or through the summer. However, Intern in New York City, a typical lease will last one to two years. But subletting for a limited time can be a reasonable alternative, although illegal ads must be avoided.

Even though some buildings, like most co-ops, have laws against subletting, unit owners still try to sell it on the side. If you’re considering subletting a flat, make sure you find out whether or not the owner permits it and view the paperwork. You do not want to be thrown out before your internship is done.

Remember that there are a lot of fraudsters in NYC. So when you see an apartment listing, make sure it is carefully examined, gather every information you may need, and check the brokers out because if something appears to be too good to be true, staying away from it might be your safest bet.

Get A Roommate

Getting a roommate will surely help you save cash and time, and this is something to put into consideration when making your plan. There are a ton of sites that will help you find a roomie in NYC. If you guys are far apart, do well to schedule a meeting beforehand and ask important questions.

When Finding A Place to Stay as an Intern in NYC…

Do well to participate in NYC housing seminars or speak with company employees where you will intern. Most people who have been living intern in New York for some time will be able to direct you to neighborhoods that fit your budget and duration of stay.

If you take your time to search thoroughly, you have a better chance of being successful in your finding. It’s also not a bad decision to get a roommate if there are other interns.

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