It is very easy to use your carter’s credit card. If you start using your carter’s credit card you’ll also start liking the benefits and points you can receive with purchases. There’s an option to access your account from a tablet, computer, or mobile. 

But if you face any trouble logging in to your account or encounter any other issues with your account, there are several ways to find and use your carter’s credit card login. 

1. How to use Carter’s credit card from the computer?

Comenity Capital Bank issues carter’s credit card and you can access it from your computer. You can log in to your carter’s credit card account from the computer to pay bills and monitor the account’s whereabouts. 

  • Go to Comenity online account portal.
  • Click on “Sign in”.
  • In case you don’t have an online account set up, you have to click on “Register Now” to start the process.

You will be able to view the dashboard and manage your account details once you’ve accessed your online account. 

2. How to access Carter’s credit card from a mobile phone or tablet?

Although there is no mobile app for carter’s credit card, you can log in to the online account from your mobile phone or tablet. All the steps are similar to computer use.

  • Go to Comenity’s online account portal on your tablet or mobile for carter’s credit cards.
  • Click on the “sign in”.
  • Enter your username and password before clicking “sign in

If you don’t have an account already, you can set it up from your mobile or tablet. 

3. How do you find your lost Carter’s credit card account username or password?

It is a common incident for account holders to misplace passwords and usernames. It happens very often and you need not worry about it as there are various easy steps to recovering lost information. 

  • Open the homepage of Comenity’s account center for carter’s credit card. 
  • Click on “sign in.”
  • There are Username and Password fields below and also the field for “Forgot Username/Password. All you have to do is click on this link. 
  • You will be given some instructions on the next page and you have to follow that to recover your lost account information. It is necessary to provide your account number, zip code, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number. 
  • Click on the link “Find My Account” to finish the process of recovering your lost username and password. 

4. Contact Comenity for any issues with Carter’s Credit Card;

It may happen that the above-mentioned steps do not work to recover your account information. In such cases, you can the Comenity’s FAQs and help topics to find out the method. If you are a card account holder, you can easily contact the customer support of the organization Comenity by sending a secure message.

5. Carter’s credit card login experience;

It is a more convenient and comprehensive approach by online credit card accounts to manage credit use, pay bills and keep a check on account activities.  

The only way to use this credit card is by activating it as soon as you receive it. You will be provided with the online ability to activate this credit card. Some account holders find this way more convenient than activating by phone. 

You can receive paperless statements through an online account. You can easily check your bank statements for previous years through the statement and transaction page. However, it is vital to keep a check on your statements carefully by making your computer virus-free by installing a good antivirus.

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