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The way you do your laundry is essential, and if it’s done incorrectly, then the outcome will be horrible. It is easy to have streaks or even something as awful as bleeding watermarks onto other clothes, which are just piled on top. If you want to avoid this kind of thing from happening, make sure to follow these steps:


Separate Your Clothes Before Washing

The first thing that you must do when doing laundry is to separate the various clothes into categories. Please don’t put all of them together in one pile because they may stain each other depending on their clothing items. For example, there might be a pair of very loose shorts containing some bleach stains because you accidentally splash some while doing other things, and now loose uniforms used by kids in school are ruined.

There are many ways to separate clothes, but the most popular one consists of using colored plastic bags or something like that. The best way is to use clear plastic zip-lock-type bags because they will resist any attempts at ripping them apart, which can cause concern when you have small children who love making mischief. Packing all different types together like this also makes it possible to make piles according to their owner’s bedroom location. So now you know what pile belongs without having to worry about having two identical, similar-looking items in a single pile.

Create A System of Doing Laundry

The second step is doing your laundry in the correct order, which was discussed earlier on, too, but for those who missed it: It is important to have a system of doing your laundry that you follow one by one to make sure that it is done correctly. Mixing the colors in the washing machine or fabric softener usage will cause something ugly to happen when the drying process begins. It’s best to use color-coded towels for this process and only wash things that are the same color at once, preventing many problems from happening during drying.

Don’t Overdilute Your Laundry Detergent

The third step is using proper amounts of detergents while scrubbing and rinsing during the actual process of doing laundry on either side, so don’t even think about being careless about making sure that there’s enough detergent used because otherwise, you may end up having dingy gray clothes that were pretty much white after the previous washing session.

If you don’t want to mix your detergent, just buy a bottle of brightening kit from your local department store and use it in place of softener, right? It doesn’t matter what color the clothing is because this liquid will make them all white again anyway, so go ahead and waste some money doing this. Also, don’t forget to rinse your clothes with water after using this stuff because it’s probably more of a cosmetic product than a detergent.

Use Bleach Properly

The fourth step is making sure that bleach is used properly by not putting too much of it into the machine and washing the clothes in cold water only. Most people don’t know this, but bleach will lose its potency if you use warm or hot water so just make sure that you leave it in for about 3-5 minutes and then remove it immediately because there’s no need to turn it on longer than what was stated here before getting out already.

Don’t Use Fabric Softeners

The fourth step is skipping out on using fabric softeners if you are going to dry things outside in the sun because they can discolor things. Of course, if you live somewhere where there’s not too much sunlight, then there won’t be any problem, but those who have very sunny places like Florida or California, then they probably should refrain from using softeners for a while.

Although it depends on the person, many people have fallen into traps of fabric softener addiction, so if you find yourself doing this, then make sure that you cut back. By cutting down your usage of these things, your clothes will be less smelly, which is great for those who live in hot places! It’ll also double as an added benefit because now you don’t need to worry about washing them as often. After all, they won’t smell bad at all.

Doing laundry isn’t too difficult after all when you know how and there are no excuses for having dirty clothes piling up in your wardrobe or closet. You might even want to start a laundromat in Australia. Now there’s a set system that can be followed to get the job done quickly and effectively!

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