Doctor of credit is a Website that publishes unbiased information about banks to the public. Customers get to the best banks, the kind of bonuses they offer, and the best checking and saving accounts. There is also relevant information about bank accounts that customers need before signing up for anything. It is frustrating when issues like hidden charges appear on statements, yet they know nothing about them. 

Doctor Of Credit

Doctor of Credit General Information

  • Visit the site to get information about the Bank account that would interest you.
  • You get to know which Credit Card funds bank Accounts. The minimum spending requirements and sign-up bonuses.
  • A list detailing the methods counted as Direct Deposits as it is one of the requirements for you to qualify for bonuses or high-interest accounts.
  • Get to know if a new bank account will attract a hard or soft pull. Shard pull will affect your credit score, which is why it is good to know before opening an account.
  • Learn more about ChexSystems, a procedure followed by most financial bodies to determine if one can get a loan. Not all lending institutions use ChexSystems. Therefore, those who do or don’t will be on the list.  
  • Find out which financial institutions are sensitive to ChexSystems Inquiry and the opposite. Each new bank account you open will lead to an inquiry, and if they are sensitive to the system, you might not qualify if you have signed up for many accounts.
  • Don’t Call The Bank(PSA). Avoid calling the bank about houses because it is not a good idea. So, find out more about this topic.
  • Under the Ways To Close Bank Accounts once you accomplish the purpose of setting it up. 
  • Some banks require you to study, work, live or worship in certain states to qualify for an account. The information will be under Banks That Allow/Don’t Allow Out Of State Checking Applications. A list of all requirements enforced by different banks is available here.

Doctor of Credit – Best Checking account 

The account was only available in some states, but now it is open nationwide. It requires a large amount of direct deposit but is uncertain what might or might not work. The offer is valid for the first 60 days after opening an account. There are many things you can enjoy from this account:

  • Cash advance of $2,000 after opening a virtual Wallet Checking Pro, and you are entitled to a $200 bonus on Spend, Reserve, and Growth.
  • A direct deposit of $5,000 earns $300 after opening a performing Virtual Wallet for a bonus of $300.

High-Interest Savings Accounts

All current rates are published under this category under various categories, and the accounts available across the nation and unavailable. 

  • Basic high-interest accounts – No requirements for a customer to receive rates.
  • Rewards accounts – There are requirements to receive rates for debit card transactions or direct deposits. 

Bank Account Bonuses

  • A Beginners Guide To Bank Account Bonuses – Find detailed information about bank account bonuses and your starting point as a new client. 
  • Best Bank Account Bonuses – This is a list of all sign-up bonuses for deposit accounts.
  • Bank Bonus Misconceptions – People are not well informed about bank account bonuses. The list will down the common misconceptions and why you should try them.
  • A spreadsheet of Bank Account Quick Reference Table displaying bonuses by various parameters.
  • PSA: Don’t Call The Bank – Find out reasons why you should never call the bank to ask about bonuses once you sign up under this topic.
  • How To Use Our Direct Deposit Page For Bank Bonuses Page – You get to know how to use the most common requirement to sign up for a bonus( direct deposit).
  • How Many Bank Accounts Can I Safely Open Within A Year For Bank Bonus Purposes? – The number of bank accounts that you can open will depend on the specific bank, especially those sensitive to ChexSystems.

Doctor of Credit Account Fees

Get a $200 bonus and no monthly charges on a Virtual Wallet Checking Pro with Spend, Reserve & Growth.

Virtual Wallet With Performance Select has a $25 Monthly Fee with a $300 bonus. However, the fee can be avoided if you meet these requirements.

  • Maintain a monthly balance of $5,000 and above. 
  • Make sure of qualifying direct deposits of $5,000 and above.
  • $25,000 in linked qualifying accounts

Closing your account before the lapse of 180 days attracts an Early Account Termination Fee of $25. However, customers who have closed their accounts before say the charge was never applied to them. You never know.


The Doctor of Credit is a unique site that has customers in mind while publishing information. If you are interested in opening a new bank account, it is the place to go and find out more about what banks are offering. You can trust their information because their information is unbiased, and they only seek to inform, not influence.

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