Oftentimes, people purchase something with their credit card or debit card and forget what the charge was for when they check their bank statements. It’s frustrating to find a charge on your bank statement for something that you didn’t pay for. However, that isn’t the case with CMSVEND *CV LOS ANG GARDEN GROVE CA. And, since this isn’t a common charge, people were prompt to claim that it was a scam.

But, that isn’t the case! When you purchase something mediocre, you don’t pay much attention to that charge on your bank statement. After all, it was just a minor item! However, this minor item resulted in confusion among the people that made the transaction. In this article, we will explain what CMSVEND*CV LOS ANG GARDEN GROVE CA is.


If you receive the CMSVEND*CV LOS ANG GARDEN GROVE CA charge on your bank statement, chances are that you’ve purchased something from a vending machine. And, not just any vending machine; a vending machine in Los Angeles. Often, a charge imitates the city in which the corporation is centered. In this case, LOS ANG means Los Angeles and GARDEN GROVE CA means Garden Grove, California. CMSVEND is the code for the CMS vending that you made the transaction.

No matter where you make the transaction, the charge on the bank statement will always imitate where the corporation is situated. So no, it’s not some scam! However, this does not mean that it cannot be a scam either. Often than not, fraudsters will make a transaction with this charge and people will disregard it because it doesn’t matter. For instance, some people have claimed that they would be charged for minor amounts of money in the name of CMSVEND when they didn’t even purchase something. Others have reported that they were charged an uncommon amount, which turned out to be a scam. So, you always have to be aware of what you’re purchasing!


If you get scammed and you’re certain about it, contact your credit card or debit card company and block your card as soon as possible. If you’ve been scammed, you can be scammed again! After that, make a dispute with your credit card or debit card company to refund your amount. Your credit card or debit card company will do whatever it can to retrieve the amount and in most cases, the money is refunded.


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