A tractor is one of the essential pieces of equipment every farmer should have. In the current agricultural era, a farm is incomplete without a durable and reliable tractor. However, many farmers know the brands and the exact model they want to buy when purchasing a tractor. Nonetheless, farmers do not understand the specifications and inspection tips they can use before they bid for a tractor.

7 Things You Need To Look For a Good Tractor for Agricultural Usage

Seven things you should look for when you decide to buy a tractor are listed below:

1. Engine

The engine is a vital constituent of any earth-moving equipment. When deciding to buy a tractor, you should consider the engine as its primary source of equipment power. You should also assess whether the machine uses diesel or petrol because a diesel engine produces a larger power output than a petrol engine. Besides, evaluate the tractor’s horsepower to determine whether the tractor will get the challenging jobs done.

2. Spare Parts Accessibility

The accessibility of spare parts is another vital factor for consideration when purchasing a tractor. Like any other equipment, tractor parts require regular maintenance and, in some cases, replacement when they wear out. When a tractor stops operating, productivity decreases and this decline affects your financial performance as a farmer. However, the availability of spare parts enables you to have your machine repaired and get it in action within the shortest time. Therefore, when buying a tractor, choose a tractor from a widely recognized brand with an established dealership to quickly have your equipment serviced and repaired.

3. Hydraulics

Since a tractor’s functionality involves turning and lifting, a hydraulic system is a crucial factor to consider. Hydraulic power improves the efficiency and convenience of completing tasks as it makes it easy for the driver to maneuver the machine. Besides, the hydraulic fluid lubricates the equipment and controls heat transfer. Thus, before purchasing a tractor, ensure the hydraulic system is functioning effectively.

4. Ease of Operation, Comfort, and Safety

Before purchasing a tractor, consider its convenient operational qualities, including easy access to controls, a clear view of the front and back, and how easy it is to get into or out of the machine. Additionally, you can focus on the space between pedals and fenders, steering wheel and seat adjustability, handhold conditions, and panel light visibility. You should get a tractor that gives you comfort while operating it as you will spend most of the time seated on it.

5. Transmission

Checking your tractor’s transmission is as important as checking the engine. Transmission affects the performance and drivability of your tractor. Although a mechanical transmission is more efficient than a hydrostatic transmission, the hydrostatic transmission offers the driver the freedom to choose any engine speed between zero and the maximum because it operates through the foot pedals. Therefore, in terms of operation, hydrostatic transmission is more effective and efficient.

6. Hitches

Probably, the tractor’s use will require the attachment to other farm equipment. Therefore, you should go for a tractor with hitches that will suit your work. Although there are various types of hitch attachments designed to raise or lower any attached machine with ease, a three-point or drawbar hitch can be a good option.

7. Resale Value

Since you would not want to purchase a tractor with less resale value, the brand you buy is crucial. Therefore, research and choose a brand with a good reputation before buying your machine. If the brand has not existed for long, it is risky to purchase from them because it can exit the market at any time. Thus, it won’t be easy to get their after-sales services and a better resale value.

When buying a tractor for agricultural purposes, you need to consider several factors. Since it’s a challenge to find a tractor that suits all your farming needs, the provided factors will help you identify what to look for in a tractor and buy the best depending on your budget. However, before making your final decision, consider what made you need a tractor, and conduct comprehensive research to understand a powerful tractor’s components. Never overemphasize one factor. After evaluating your options, you can find a broad selection of tractors for sale at Source Pro Earthmoving Equipment.


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