If you’re looking for extra money, you’ve come to the right place. For many, the dream is all about financial freedom and the ability to quit the day job.

We’re more grounded than that, but why not try a side job, maybe one day a week, to see if you can not only bring some extra cash in but also find your calling?

5 of the Best Side Jobs to Make Some Extra Money

Here are our five of the best side jobs to make extra money.

1. Agency Writer – $30 per hour

Agency writers are people who write articles for various websites. There are a lot of companies and ad networks that need content for a variety of topics.

The payment terms vary by company, but generally, you get paid once per week (via PayPal). The amount you get paid is based on the price they set for the article, how many words it has, and how much money they spent on ad campaigns promoting it.

The best-paid agencies require a minimum quota each week since demand is high, but it’s well worth the rewards!

2. Virtual Assistant – $25 per hour

Virtual assistants do a lot of administrative tasks for businesses. Many companies need help with email, scheduling, blogging, and other similar jobs.

Payment is either per hour or job (if you do one task for a client). Payment can be made through online banking such as Paypal once the client is satisfied with your work. The amount you charge your call, but most virtual assistants charge between $15-25/hour, depending on what services they provide.

If you’re good at marketing and writing, there are also plenty of opportunities to be an online blogger! And if you’re smart with it, some virtual assistants who also blog make a full-time income as a side hustle from affiliate marketing alone!

3. Declutterer – $40 per hour

Being a declutterer takes time, but some make themselves only available one day a week as a second job. This is because you’re getting paid (by the hour) to clean out someone else’s house. And when we say house, we don’t mean just one room.

Like people who go into a client’s home, declutterers help them clear out everything they don’t need. This is not just items but also organizing their cabinets, storage units, and other home areas. The majority of people who live in cluttered homes are neurodivergent, so they often struggle with what’s known as Executive Function.

Thus, if you have experience and understanding of Autism or ADHD, you might find yourself packing up the day job and becoming a full-time declutterer!

4. Delivery Driver – $20 per hour

Delivery drivers work for companies that deliver food, packages, or other items. It’s a good side hustle because it can be done on your schedule. If you do live in a city, you can earn some extra cash driving for Uber or Lyft.

Delivery drivers are paid by the hour and/or per delivery (depending on the company). If you’re lucky, there are companies with flexible hours that you can work around your college classes/job and make around $20/hour.

You can click to learn more about driving as a side hustle.

5. Online Tutor – $30 per hour

Some people are good at English, math, or other subjects. This is a great side hustle because students always need help with homework! And since it’s online (via Skype, Zoom, or other similar services), you can tutor multiple students at once.

Think of it as having your classroom from home. The amount you make per hour is up to you, but if you’re smart about how many hours a day you work and how much time you put into tutoring each student, you can make some good money!

The Best Side Jobs Pay Well

These are just a few of the best side jobs you can do. All of them are relatively easy to get started in, and some even pay better than most career jobs!

Start small and work your way up. Otherwise, it won’t be worth it because the money won’t add up. But before you know it, you’ll be well on the way to financial freedom.

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